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Salesforce Reveals its New Cloud Service Launch – The Field Service Lightning


February 2, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

Salesforce, a software company, this week revealed the launch of its new service that incorporates Sales Wave App at $75/month, Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ service at $40/month, and SalesforceIQ Inbox at $25/month. The company has expanded cloud service by introducing a new product called Field Service Lightning, which includes both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Lightning, a package that is anticipated to offer customized and enhanced business escalation to its customers.

On Tuesday – Feb 2 2016 - Salesforce made the headlines during a corporate event in San Francisco where it introduced its new invention that is geared towards success of its customers. The world’s CRM leader went ahead to give an overview of its platform, the Field Service Lightning, and previews of its products as it prepares for the 2017 fiscal year. The company has been steadily growing in customer relationship management, as well as customer interaction and data analysis. With the latest cloud together with other advancements including Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Salesforce has successfully unfolded several innovations. The Field Service Lightning innovation stands out, because the company seems to have come up with a new technology in this sector.

The 17 years old company has been making various attempts to improve CRM to cater for the constantly changing customer behaviors. With everything migrating to digital, the company launched a platform called Salesforce Lightning last year that was intended to offer reliable customer user experience. For the new product – Field Service Lightning – it will be availed in the mid of this year to those customers that are already using Service Cloud. In addition to the new launched product, the company has also enlarged its market with Financial Services Cloud and Salesforce Analytics Cloud. With these moves, Salesforce clearly shows its readiness and eagerness to take its business to the next level.

Sales Cloud Lightning is currently the most popular sales application, and the new Sales Cloud Lightning will offer totally new swap as far as sales representatives’ experience is concerned. On the other hand, Service Cloud Lightning has created incredible changes to the manner through which customers get in touch with business people. It has brought new contact channel experience whereby clients can reach vendors via apps, media, and mobile instead of relying solely on call centers.

Salesforce is now enhancing customer service through its new innovations. The changes are plainly demonstrated by the new editions for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The former editions include Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Unlimited Edition, which will be substituted with Lightning Professional Edition, Lightning Enterprise Edition, and Lightning Unlimited Edition. Based on the official company’s post, the prices for the three new editions will be $75, $150, and $300 respectively.

Written By DirHost.com