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Google to Endorse and Work with Qualcomm in Designing Server Processors


February 3, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

According to a report by Bloomberg, Google will start partnering with Qualcomm to design server processors. The Wednesday’s report – Feb 3 2016 – says that the search giant will back the San Diego based company in production of chips that run server computers.

This news comes at times when Intel Corp has been dominating server processor and data center market for several years. As the world’s leading buyer of server processors, Google has been utilizing Xeon CPUs from Intel Corp. Its strategy to adopt Qualcomm processors would expand the already growing market of ARM server CPU. In addition to Qualcomm revelation to start selling ARM chips last year, 2016 might be the viable time for the company to implement its plans. The Qualcomm’s public endorsement, which may take place on February 11, 2016 might pose a big challenge to Intel if turns to be a reality. Google is ready to collaborate with Qualcomm in this matter, according to Bloomberg post.

Intel Corp has been undoubtedly the largest supplier of processors used in server computers. The company has taken up almost the entire market by selling its chips to nearly all network companies and hosting providers. On the other hand, Qualcomm is the largest mobile phone chip maker across San Diego. Therefore, the new move that seems vastly backed by Google is an attempt to face the industry leader – Intel Corp - by entering into its ten year old territory. The company’s investor meeting that will be held next week reflects its efforts, as Google vows to provide full support to thrust the plan forward.

Though the announcements lack sufficient reference and citation, Google might be focusing on a shift to have new chips that offer improved efficiency. And probably its intentions may be geared towards looking for a new product that can slash costs of running its infrastructure. The new move by Google might also be a technique to trigger and propel new developments by Intel, which in turn will offer relatively reduced costs of computing services, and enhanced efficiency in performance. ARM architecture has improved remarkably over the past few years, giving the Qualcomm guts to expose threats to Intel.

While the plans are not yet officially made public by both Google and Qualcomm, the Google’s endorsement may bring a new revolution in server processor business. This in turn will lower the prices, and increase service delivery to various data center operators. However, this will be feasible if Google remains committed to work with Qualcomm.

Written By DirHost.com