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Google Launches Custom Machine Types Suitable for Your Workload


February 2, 2016

Written By DirHost.com

Over the years, Google has been enhancing lives of its customers through various innovations, which offer efficiency in work, as well as saving money. Recently, Google launched custom machine types that help in creating virtual machines based on the shapes that suit clients’ workloads.

According to Google, just with 1 vCPU you can make machine types by increasing the vCPU with even numbers up to 32 vCPUs. In addition, you can select up to 6.5 GiB per vCPU for the memory, but still you can merge multiple distinct numbers of vCPUs with diverse memory sizes in order to get optimal performance and price for your workload. In case you need something different in future, your application can be moved to a different configuration.

Which Problem Is Being Solved by Google? Things are now made new with the custom machine types such that customers can purchase what they need, instead of being “forced” to buy a processing power amount and memory that they don’t require for their VM. Google has guaranteed to end the misery among clients, which has been caused by various cloud sellers. The newly launched system is intended to improve customers’ experience when purchasing new virtual machines in the cloud.

The old system is now replaced because you can select options, which are optimized for either computer or memory, from a menu of pre-configured CPU and RAM, including on the machines which could not be adjusted to fit into the needs of the users. According to the Google blog post, customers have been forced to buy 8 CPUs despite the fact that they may be in need of just 6 CPUs, since VMs come in multiples of 2 in most cases.

Usage and Flexibility of Rates. The new system will allow customers to purchase CPU and RAM in relatively smaller units, usually Gigibytes instead of Gigabytes. This will not only provide users with additional options to regulate the number of cores, but also the memory required. In case the user’s base increases, it is possible to alter the cloud appropriately. Another custom option is that Google has come up with smaller units of charging, such that customers’ consumption can be accurately measured.

According to Google, US based clients will be entitled to pay $0.03492 for every vCPU hour, and 0.00468 for every GiB of RAM used per hour. However, in Europe and Asia the rate of vCPU hour is 0.03841, slightly higher than in US. Interestingly, the rates are expected to go down when a customer purchases on bulk!

Support to Developers. Google support is available for custom machine types in its command line tools, as well as through its Application Programming Interface (API). In addition, Google promises to create a graphical interface to setup the new system in its Developer Console. However, this is expected to be implemented in a few days time. This will allow developers identify suitable operating system for their VM.

Among the available operating systems for the custom machine types include; CentOS, CoreOS, OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Written By DirHost.com